Karachi’s beautiful Do Darya food street ordered to shut down


Karachi’s beautiful Do Darya food street ordered to shut down.

Heartbreak for Karachiites: the popular and scenic food strip may soon be a thing of the past.

A number of restaurants line the shores of the Arabian Sea on Karachi’s famous ‘Do Darya’ street. Photo taken from Twitter.

One of the most popular and scenic places in Karachi – the famous Do Darya food street – may soon be a thing of the past.

The restaurants dotting the shores of the Arabian Sea, the top-choice for Karachiites and visitors for dine-in for years, have been ordered to shut down by the Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

The DHA has sent notices to the restaurants’ owners to fold up their businesses by June this year. The restaurants have been ordered to close in order to provide land for the construction of high-rise commercial buildings.

The owners, on the other hand, claim that they have a stay order from a local court that permits them to continue operating.

The restaurants lining the Do Darya which had been leased out by DHA had reportedly been served notices two years ago as well to vacate the land. However, the matter was taken to court and no action was taken since – up until now.

The news sparked public furore, as angry Karachiites vented out their anger at the shutting down of the popular street.

“Do Darya is the pride of Karachi..,” a Twitter user protested, questioning what would happen to the people employed by the businesses.


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