One girl was killed before her four-year-old son,


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One girl was killed before her four-year-old son,

One girl was killed before her four-year-old son, saving her honor, despite her entire efforts, she could not be judged. (From the pen of senior police officer Niaz Ahmad Khosa) This is the blind people                                     O moon do not get out here Dsp and Ssp have to look at every case of murder case.

Inspector Farid called me, “A woman is killed in Sir Gulestan johar, you come and see the opportunity” I was in a hurry on the occasion with the area Dsp Mr. Dr. Najib (Existing Ssp Traffic West).

The incident was that the housewife’s husband got out of the flat as soon as he got to his job, a relative of a woman’s husband, at a time when he went to the house and got home, then the housewife prepares to send her 4-year-old son to school. The young man came to the house as soon as he came, the women fell down to fight, the boy was not prepared for the situation when the boy saw that the matter was getting worse, he went to the kitchen soon and was attacked by a vegetable cutting knife. He wore and knocked his head and injured him The boy working out so much, a boy was swollowed up and opened the door and ran out in the hurry, a 4-year-old son standing on the door with a door, which opened the door suddenly due to injury in the head. And the child was watching this disaster.

The maid entered into the house and saw that both the women and the children were injured, the maid got out of noise and the people came out with the flats and the guardian left the gate and ran up the maiden but nobody was ready to get their car. Because on such a occasion, we did not want to blew our “precious” seat cover, the victim’s guard fell down and pleaded with a mercy taxi by submitting the transfer (otherwise the vehicle refused to be afraid of getting sick of blood). ) With the help of people, the women and children moved to the taxi, the maiden carrying both the injured to the Civil Hospital The woman died the same way due to more bleeding.

While looking at the scene, I was confused with the fact that there were signs of blood drops on the bathroom floor, the maid said that the flat door as soon as the clan was beaten by pushing him (maidani) to run towards the stairs. The maid entered into the house and saw that a housewife was screaming for help in a bloody kid on the bed, I asked that whose blood is on the bathroom floor, she told that the woman is going to walk It was not fit and told Vasqq that the woman was almost in a state of unconscious.

The woman’s husband, another relative and the police also reached the hospital, the child told Yasser Ancle to injure her mother with a knife, Inspector Farid arrested the boy till evening, the boy’s right hand was fresh The first thing about the wound was stuck, it started to speak sadly, but after a few seconds, it came to the path and said that the knife size was smaller and due to the blood on the ladies, the hand of the knife Twenty and two fingers were injured and further said that at the entrance of the door, he went to the bathroom immediately and the knife wash base Smoke in the n and wash your injured fingers with water and the door was opened and went to the nearby hospital on the bike and stuck.

FIR was registered, blood dose was resolved in the bathroom, police always takes a sample for evidence, but I had ordered my officers to take two samples to remove two blood-free tiles from the bathroom. By doing a tile and a woman’s self-fabrics, knives, and other essential things, was sent to the chemical chemist of the chemical Examiner of the police. • As it was a case of murder, the accused was arrested and a good officer like Inspector Farid Din was watching this case, the case of the case was made in the Session Court East after necessary action and necessary evidence and evidence were set. And almost all the door-saving doors were closed, so I was busy thinking about my daily work.

About a month later, Inspector Farid Din Sethane came to me in a disturbing wine and told me that “The head has been wronged, the murder of Hina’s murder has deteriorated.” I am surprised that Farid took a cell phone from his bag and showed me “The head tile has been changed and the chemical examiner has replaced the sent samples from the market and replaced me with a new tile,” said the second one in his report that the blood and tile that meets female clothes The blood that meets the woman is “

My head was stuck by reading the chemical examiner report, because the Tecnical report dumped the case. ※ As I have already told, we take two samples of each proof, I did not lose courage and inspector Fareed said that there is no need to worry, the second tile is available to us. We use DNA but it was durable. We did not have the suspect and was in the jail on the judicial remand and it was not possible to take his blood samples without the permission of the court. I ordered Inspector Farid to apply the court to the Sessions Judge court for taking a sample of the blood of the accused.

The session was filed in the session of the session judge and I will ask the Inspector Farid on every date that he would say that 10 lawyers of the head accused are coming and oppose our request and the date Go, I told Inspector Farid, I will run on my next date and try to satisfy the court.

At the date of session session of the session judge Mr. Sadiq Hussein Bhatti, the lawyer’s lawyer argued that what is the need to do DNA when the chemical Examiner has been reported?

I told the judge that the report of the Chemical Examiner has been administered, while showing the new cellular tile judge, we said that we sent a cement for a blood-tiled testile from the bathroom floor but counterfeit in return. Tiles were changed to lose evidence of evidence, a woman was killed before her five-year-old child, saving her honor, we can not leave this case unaware unauthorized, I judge the cement from the bathroom to the cell Show pictures of other tile and tile extracts and said that we can not even trust the chemical examiner report on the market. A tile has been sealed and sent.

The prosecutor’s lawyer did not pay much attention but the Sessions Judge Allow our request and ordered the prison superintendent to be handed over to the inspector freelance by sealing the cell’s blood of the person’s murderer’s blood.


Inspector Farid came to leave me till the car I told him that you do not have to go anywhere from here, to judge a judge from the court today to take the samples of the prisoner, I was worried if I was lying. Do not suspend the operation of the laptop with a lawyer from Victor Hawkort.

Instead of going to office, I went to the IG jailclubs and told them Sarah Majraah, they ordered the jail superintendent in front of me to conduct the process on order of the Sessions Judge and till the Inspector Fareed Court The order not to be taken to the jail doctor is available,

Fifty-five Inspector Farid’s call came in the evening that “I have received a suspect from the cell’s cell’s samples of samples,” I cautioned that the doctor has taken the sampling of blood from Yasser to Yasser? Inspector Farid responded that “Sir Tile became cautious after I changed,” he said. I told him that you have to come to my office for the first time in the morning, and to make a letter to the NFSA Islamabad Lab for DNA, to do the samples of the Tile and the accused.

On the other day, Tiles and blood-chamber-sampled NFSA-Islamabad-TCS-I was warned in a letter to NFSA Lab Islamabad that the accused people are very wealthy and wealthy, have already been Tempering of Samples in Chemical Examiner Karachi’s office and the case The evidence of the missing has been lost in your knowledge and the suspects can still do such an attempt.

A few days later I received the DNA report from the NFSA Lab Aslamabad, in which a blood-sprayed blood-blooded Yasser’s blood-drained DNA match was made. I gladly congratulated Inspector Farid on the phone and told him to submit the DNA report to the trial court for the first time.

After the DNA report came to it, it was clear that the report of the Chemical Examiner was malicious and was to be charged with the charge of helping the accused and to tempering the evidence, but the tile was missing from my office. In the 14-day remand by arresting the Examiner in the Hina murder case, I beat her in the morning and evening but I am sorry I could not do anything with the chemical examiner.

The accused’s lawyer was apprehended on the basis of a chemical examiner’s report in the Session Court, after the DNA report came out, the Shishan judge removed. The case was strong, I told Inspector Farid that the case should record the quicker evidence but you know here everything is possible.

The accused’s lawyer applied a bail in High Court and deliberately put the judge to a reputation which was not good.

※ And after a few days, that was the case, the judge assured the accused and I found some friend lawyer that the bail was over 80 million dollars.

I did not control my nature and after the time of judicial proceedings, I went to visit the Registrar Highway, then I decided to go to the court and get away from the court and do not get angry. He told the whole truth about the case and requested me to take a time to meet Chief Justice Sahib.

The registrar was a good and honest man, and he said, “Wait, I’ll join you now with CJ, and they went to some files and diary writers.” After a while, Chief Justice Sahib came to call me.

I was present in front of the Chief Justice in the Open Court and they used to trust me very much. They listened to me with great consideration, I changed the tile, the examiner report, the stealing tiles, the blood sampling of the prison, and the DNA report, the chief justice of the prison, they were turning back on the chair. Asked me what

Do you believe that the deal is guaranteed? I told him that if you are the head of the head, you will be able to check the bail file from yourself or another judge and if you have been charged with a guaranteed merit, then I am wrong if the accused has been given a favorable guarantee. I give favour? Chief Justice said that if you have been given a guarantee in bail, then you will know what I do. The registrar was also present in the meeting and I was listening to everything inside the Early Chambers carrying the blocker. I solved the Chief Justice and came out of the Chamber.

I do not know how to judge the judge, IG Sahib (who had been new to the new month) called me his office, which I went inside the office and stood beside the answer to the stick and Why did you go to meet the Chief Justice without my permission? Why did you complain to the judge? Disposable Force I did not make any explanation for IG Sahib because he was very angry, he said that due to this move, your judiciary and police relations will worsen and you can not do anything wrong with the judge. The person has complained by the judge, and I will disrupt your ACR.

Etc. etc !!!! Just after they talk, just do my mistake sir. I am Fault I’m sorry to say sorry and sorry to come out of office.   I did not do anything wrong by pointing out the killer and convicts judge according to my conscience, the crime of the judge and the chemical examiner near me is unacceptable, the people who had the power to buy a judge were poor. How much does the inspector rotate on the bike should not have emphasized on ferrous ?? !!

The purpose of telling it all is that if the inspector fears fear God and then deal with the matter, what would I do to him? !!! ※ In a few days my exchange was replaced by the SSP Sainalalda Abbasi (current IG Baltistan) in the anti car lifting cell.

At the same time, in the newspapers that the judge who was not convinced, and was graduated from the High Court, I had done my part! ※ The accused escaped after receiving a guarantee, the girl’s parents filed a petition in the Supreme Court to arrest the accused, Inspector Farid was also transferred. Pakistan does not have any such agreement with which the accused can be brought back, the arrest of the accused can be sent by the Inter warrant to the Intercourse, but for which the Officers of the Officer are able to do everything they can. The poor woman’s death died. And in millions of case files, this file’s file does not even know where lost? !!!

If today, even if human rights organizations, Sindh High Court or Supreme Court try a little bit, the red warrant can go out. And the accused Yasser can be brought to Pakistan. Let’s write all here                            The rules and regulations are here Here’s a lot of fraudulent business       

   Many kidneys are sold in this country                         O moon do not get out here



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