Ramiz Raja advises Pakistan to be ‘disciplined’ against England


Ramiz Raja advises Pakistan to be ‘disciplined’ against England.

Ramiz Raja has advised Pakistan cricket team to be disciplined in their bowling against England and focus on fielding.

NOTTINGHAM: While Pakistan bowling coach Azhar Mahmood looked confident ahead of crunch match against the mighty England, former captain Ramiz Raja has advised the green shirts to be disciplined when they take on World Cup favourite Monday.

Ramiz, speaking on the sidelines of Pakistan team’s training session at Trent Bridge, said, “One thing Pakistan can do is to field well. When you have a [tough] time with the bat and the ball, good fielding can lift you up as a unit. One good effort in the field, one good run out, and the team can spring into action.”

The fact also admitted by Mahmood. “Our fielding was not up to the mark and we give an extra bonus because we had an inexperienced bowling line-up. They need to learn from their mistakes,” he said Sunday.

Ramiz was optimistic to see Pakistan players in high spirits ahead of the important match.

“There is a lot of talking, chirping among the players. They are backing each other. Venting out at each other. It’s important that they talk to each other and keep the spirit going.”

Watching Fakhar Zaman in the nets, Ramiz said the left-handed batsman would have to deal with the short ball in a better way.

“It’s important for Fakhar Zaman to maintain balance when he is treating the short ball. Give himself a bit of time, swivel and play the pull shot,” the commentator said.

Today’s pitch will be the same strip on which England amassed an ODI record 481 for six against Australia last year, as well as the second highest total on that list, 444 against Pakistan in 2016.

According to Ramiz, Pakistan would need to keep a cool head.

“England are mighty powerful with the bat, the idea here is to bowl the conventional line and be as disciplined as possible.

“The issue is, when somebody tries to attack them [Pakistan team], they freeze. They have got the ability. They just don’t have a solid game plan.”


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