Technical news update Trump threat to deport ‘millions’ sparks firestorm


Technical News Update Trump threat to deport ‘millions’ sparks firestorm.

Trump threat to deport ‘millions’ sparks firestorm.

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump´s threat to begin deporting “millions of illegal aliens” next week triggered heated rhetoric Tuesday on both sides of America´s political divide, with Democrats warning the US president was fear-mongering ahead of his reelection campaign launch.

The comment thrusts the controversial issue to the fore as the Republican leader and his Democratic rivals ramp up their 2020 presidential campaigns.

The US is facing a surge in migrant arrivals from several Central American countries plagued by gang violence and poverty.

The numbers have smothered US authorities’ abilities to temporarily shelter and process them.

Trump has called it “an invasion,” and has made the fight against illegal migration a central plank of his administration.

The timing of his tweets, the night before kicking off his reelection campaign at what promised to be a rollicking Tuesday evening rally in Orlando, Florida, strongly suggests he is highlighting it as a theme of his 2020 bid.

– Democratic ire –

Several Democrats, including those seeking to challenge Trump for the Oval Office, lobbed criticism at his comments and accused him of pandering to his conservative base.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Trump’s chief Democratic rival in Congress, blasted the threat as “an act of utter malice and bigotry, designed solely to inject fear in our communities.”

Former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, the only Latino in the presidential race, accused Trump of “spewing racist lies and fear mongering about immigrants.”

And candidate Senator Kamala Harris said Trump’s threat could result in “a shameful stain” on the country.

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