The Hong Kong protesters demanded the support of the global leader at the 20-summit


The Hong Kong protesters demanded the support of the global leader at the 20-summit.

The Hong Kong protesters demanded.

The support of the global leader at the 20-summit

Applying for foreign support in their fight for political freedom, Hong Kong protesters call this world-world leaders ahead of 20 main economy headquartered in Japan’s Skaka this week.

Hundreds of demonstrators rallied in the city center and marched to consulates of G20 nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, to deliver letters urging leaders to back their bid for the full withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill.

Carrying signs reading “Liberate Hong Kong,” activists at an evening assembly, many of them wearing black, sang protest anthems and called on G20 leaders to defend their rights. The demonstrators hope their efforts will get the bill onto the G20 agenda, despite a top Chinese foreign ministry official saying that.

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Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Hong Kong over the past two weeks to protest a government extradition bill, which many fear could be used to deport political activists and dissidents to mainland China.

Although city leader Carrie Lam announced over a week ago that the government would suspend the bill, opponents want to see it scrapped entirely. They are also calling for the police to be investigated for alleged brutality after officers fired rubber bullets and tear gas this month at a crowd that had surrounded the government headquarters.


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